UK travel test rules will be changing from 4th October.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not take the tests, you may face a penalty of up to £2,000. Whilst if you provide false or deliberately misleading information, you may be fined or imprisoned. Please see the government website for the latest rules and regulations.

What should I do before I travel?

You must:

1. Take a Covid-19 PCR test and get a negative result during the 3 days before you travel.

2. Book and pay for a travel test package, which will include Covid-19 tests to be taken on or before day 2 and on or after day 8 of your quarantine.

3. Complete a passenger locator form with details of where you will quarantine when you arrive complete with a travel test package booking reference number.

How accurate is your Covid-19 PCR test?

Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure swabs are correctly taken from the throat and nose. Our private Covid-19 PCR test has a sensitivity of 98% and specificity of 100% when performed correctly.

What time does the Covid test centre open?

UKCovidTest test centres have different opening and closing times. Each test centre will display its opening and closing times clearly on the website. Please ensure your test sample is dropped off by 2 pm so you get your results next-day by 11:59pm.

When should I perform my swab sample?

It’s recommended that you check with your airline provider as destinations have varying time window requirements, usually within 96, 72 or 48 hours before departure. Please check to make sure we can meet the time window required by your airline provider and destination.

Is UKCovidTest legit?

Yes. UKCovidTest is a government-listed provider of private Covid testing. UKCovidTest is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and our laboratory partners are accredited by UKAS and used by the NHS.

How does it work?

Your employees can perform a test sample themselves and can choose to send their swabs to our lab using the pre-paid Royal Mail return label or by using one of our drop-off locations.

When should I order my fit to fly Covid-19 test?

Your fit-to-fly Covid test should be ordered well in advance of your flight to ensure your sample is received and confirmation of your test result and fit-to-fly certificate are emailed through to you before your departure.

What is a rapid Antigen Covid-19 Test

A rapid antigen test detects protein fragments specific to Coronavirus. It can be done in a clinic, at home, doctor’s office, or hospital. Rapid antigen tests have a quick turnaround time with results being reported within 15-30 minutes. 

Who can order a Covid-19 test?

Our private Covid-19 tests are available for anyone to order.

What do I do next after sending the test samples to the lab?

Please do remember to activate your test kits using the barcode and your personal details for us to generate a report for you.

How do I activate other family members test kits barcode?

To do that, every house member must have an email address to be able to register each person and get your test report.

I have not received my test certificate/ report via my email, what do I do?

Please check your spam mails for your test as it may have gone in there due to you receiving the messages from the lab for the first time.

I am worried that I didn’t do the right things with the Covid test day two. I mailed it to the address on the box by Royal mail and didn’t activate it because it seemed to say on the form, that I should only do this if asked to.

Please before sending your test samples, remember to keep a record of your barcodes to activate your kits.

Are you offering a package? And for what price?

All Covid-19 test kits for Fit to Fly Day 2, Day 8 and Day 5 are currently on offer and you will find all the prices on our website.

What is a Covid-19 PCR test?

A Covid-19 PCR test looks for the Covid-19 virus on a swab sample collected from the back of the throat and nose. Our private Covid-19 testing is provided by world-class UKAS accredited laboratories on CE-marked PCR assay machines to provide fast and reliable results.

Can I get my Covid-19 PCR test delivered?

Our Priority Courier Covid-19 test includes next-day delivery in the UK. This is accepted by all major airlines and workplaces.

If I get a positive result, will I be immune to Covid-19?

If you get a positive result for Covid-19, you need to follow government guidelines. There is not enough research to confirm if you are immune to Covid-19 or how long you may be immune for.

When will I get my coronavirus test result?

After the lab receives your sample, you will get your Covid-19 test results the next day by 11:59 pm.

Do you offer corporate Covid-19 testing?

Yes. We provide Covid-19 testing and fit-to-fly certificates for companies with rapid turnaround so you can avoid travel disruption. UKCovidTest is a CQC regulated provider and our labs are UKAS accredited.

How will I receive my test results and fit to fly certificate?

You will receive your test results and fit-to-fly certificate via email.

I tested positive for coronavirus. When can I take another test?

You can take another test anytime. After the virus has cleared it can take over 2 weeks before the genetic material of the virus is no longer detectable in your airways. Some people continue to have a positive test result for 3 months.

What does my private Covid-19 test include?

Your private test kit will include instructions, a cotton swab, sample tube, a clear sealable bag, and a return box with a security label.

What happens when I send my test samples?

After 24 hours of your parcel being posted, you should wait for 12 to 36 hours once the lab has received your test samples, a test certificate will be sent to your email address.

How do I activate my children’s kits who are under 18 years old?

Please contact UKCOVIDTEST for further support.

What reference number do I use to fill up my passenger’s locators form?

Please pay close attention and follow the instructions on your checkout as it advises to use a prefix code together with your invoice number, not your order number on your confirmation receipt sent to your email.

Are you offering a package? And for what price?

All Covid-19 test kits for Fit to Fly Day 2, Day 8 and Day 5 are currently on offer and you will find all the prices on our website.

When do I receive my test result?

Test results gets generated and sent to you via email within 12 to 36 hours window from the time the test samples arrive to the laboratory.

What does it imply if I receive a failed test result?

If your result comes back from the lab as failed, it means the test sample was inconclusive.

I am sending in my Day 5, test to release test today, do I need to activate this?

It is required to activate all your test kits, follow the instructions inside the test kits box and use the same link before you send them out for postage.

I took my day 2 test on Thursday and tracked the box. It arrived at the test center yesterday (Friday morning). I haven’t had a result yet. How should I proceed?

Please endeavour to wait 12 to 36 hours of arrival of test samples to receive your test certificate/report

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